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Beauty Blender-The old and the new

Glam Beauty

The Beauty Blender needs no introduction. It has been around since forever now and I’ve only starting using it since this year and it has been an essential beauty tool ever since. I got my first Beauty Blender in the…

foundation routine
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Dr.Glam’s Updated Foundation Routine!

Glam Beauty

Changing weather demands a change in your skincare and makeup needs and so an update on my foundation routine was a necessity. Here’s how I keep everything looking flawless for fall: What you need: Dior Nude foundation (I’m shade 22) Boscia…

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Liebster Award-Learn more about Dr.Glam!

Glam Life

The Liebster Award is a virtual award given from one blogger to another and its a great way to discover new blogs and to support the blogging community. These are the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link…

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What’s in Dr.Glam’s handbag?

Glam Life

This post was long requested by my beautiful followers so I finally sat down to write it today. The contents of my handbag depend largely on where I am going or where I plan to spend most of my day….

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INGLOT Nail Enamel- Review

Glam Life

As a child I hated nail polish, sounds unlike a little girl but that was just me. I thought nail polish made my nails look dirty and unnatural. Growing up as a teenager I observed my mother’s love for nail…